Graduates of 2019 will be the final grad class to complete the GTP.  Please hand this in as soon as possible to book an early presentation with Ms. MacKenzie in first semester.

The Grade 12 GTP  focuses on Career and Life and Post- Secondary Preparation.  It consists of the following sections:

  •  Transition Plan ( Short and long term goals)
  • Career Research
  • Updated Cover Letter
  • Updated Resume
  • Financial Plan
  • Application to Post-Secondary, Employment, and/or Financial Awards
  •  Reflection (Attributes of a BC Graduate)
  • Verification and Work/ Volunteer Reflection
  • DPA calendar and Certificate
  •   Signatures
  •   Presentation

Here are the documents that need to be completed for your GTP:

Grade 12 GTPgrade-12-gtp2019

GTP Daily Physical Activity Calender

Declaration of Daily Physical Activity

See the documents page to get a resume or cover letter template.

This must be completed by winter break in your Grade 12 year.  If someone is graduating early or going to a partnership program in second semester they must complete their GTP presentation early with Ms.MacKenzie.

Please e-mail documents or hand in hard copies to Ms. MacKenzie in the basket on her desk in Career Centre.



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